Cheap Broadway tickets

One pitfall of trying to keep up-to-date with all the online offers is that my mailbox has become ridiculously junky — so much so that I’ve had to organise it into folders.

Seriously, this is my personal email:

Plus, sale notifications from US websites generally arrive between midnight – 2am Sydney time, which can be really annoying if your phone chirps every time you get an email.

Anyway, so I started a clean out of my mailbox last night, and along the way I found one of my proud bargains that I wanted to share:  how to get cheap tickets to Broadway shows, and without sitting in one of those seats where you can only see 80% of the stage (even if you’re only paying 65% of the price).

The offer

Before going to New York last year, I’d been told that to get cheap Broadway tickets, you should line up at the TKTS Discounts Booth in Times Square on the day you want to watch a show and try your luck.

Well, that wasn’t happening as soon as I found out that it would be 4 degrees celsius — there had to be another way!  Plus, I might have to wait in line for hours!  That’d definitely cut into precious, uh, sightseeing time.

After some research, I discovered there was something called, which was supposedly part of Telecharge, the official site for Broadway tickets.  I say “supposedly” because the website looked kinda sketchy, and I had to do some research and investigation like comparing the contact numbers and googling “ scam”, but it’s in fact very legitimate.  I bought Next to Normal tickets for less than $70 each, and the seats were in Centre Orchestra, Row B (that’s the 5th row).  I could literally see the sweat and tears on some of the actors’ faces.

Next to Normal is amazing, by the way.  There may be tears on your face at the end, too.  I was so moved I actually bought the soundtrack, which is the first CD purchase in a very, very long time.  This is the playbill I have somewhere at home:

How does the website work?

Broadway Offers is kind of like a that requires a code, which you can find on sites like this, or you can google something like “ code phantom of the opera”.  Once you have entered the code on Broadway Offers (note that the code is different for each show), it’s like any other online ticketing agency with printable tickets.

I also saw Phantom of the Opera (3rd row, center front mezzanine) and Chicago (2nd row, left front mezzanine) while I was there, all booked through Broadway Offers.  Best part?  I walked past the TKTS Discounts Booth one night — all the shows I was watching were already sold out.

And, it was cold.

Luckily, Forever 21 in Times Square opens until 1am.


3 thoughts on “Cheap Broadway tickets

  1. Another great way to get discount Broadway tickets is to go through! They have discounts for tons of Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. You can buy tickets through broadwaybox online or by phone and now they even have a mobile app you can find codes for discounts on and show directly at the box office to buy discounted tickets!

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