I have nothing to weeaaaarr…

I tend to start the day like this:

The big issue

Sociologists have reported that this is a worldwide phenomenon usually experienced by those with a ‘z factor’ greater than 4.  Renowned mathematicians have calculated the z factor as follows:

x.y/2 = z


x = wardrobe capacity (in cubic meters, including shoe & accessories storage)

y = wardrobe utilisation rate (1 = full utilisation; 0 = you have empty wardrobe syndrome)

z = hours per week spent deciding what to wear

So, if your wardrobe is approximately 6 cubic metres and half full, then you are likely to spend approximately 1.5 hours a week or 12 minutes a day deciding what to wear.

I choose not to disclose my ‘z’ factor at this time, but let’s just say I’m not far from resorting to this:

Naturally, I am concerned.


One way of dealing with this, of course, is to buy more clothes — logical and self-explanatory, my favorite type of solution!  I usually go with this approach.  Side note: I was eyeing Lulu Guinness and Need Supply on the weekend, but only ordered these shoes from MyHabit:

The other option involves a wardrobe clean-out, where unwanted items can be sold on eBay / donated to charity / swapped with other high z factor-ers / discarded.  Sounds simple, right?  I struggled to part with an ugly pair of red, boot-leg corduroy jeans from 7 years ago, because *gasp* how can I be sure they won’t become oh-so-fashionable again in 2016??  They went in the ‘must keep’ pile…

Oh no, I just realised that buying more clothes is not logical at all and is actually disproved by that stupid formula I  renowned mathematicians came up with, because buying more clothes actually increases the wardrobe utilisation rate, which in turn increases the z factor!!  And the only way to decrease it would be to:

a) decrease your wardrobe space (e.g. by turning half of it into a bookshelf!), or

b) decrease your wardrobe capacity (by doing a wardrobe clean-out!!!!)

Eh, never mind, I’m sure my wardrobes are really only 1/3 full, there’s really a lot of space left.

And, oh yeah, I also bought these on the weekend from Asos:


8 thoughts on “I have nothing to weeaaaarr…

  1. This z factor equation is a revelation to me!
    I need to calculate my z factor because I am certain it is off the charts. Maybe this is the thing that will compell me to downsize…

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