Oh no, I ordered something yesterday and today it’s on sale!

Have you ever found yourself in one of those situations where you’ve bought a gorgeous pair of shoes/bag/clothes which you love!love!love!, and then the next day you go back to the store and it’s — gasp, oh no, what to donow on sale?

And then you have to recruit a friend for a covert operation which involves returning the shoes/bag/clothes, having your friend just coincidentally wander into the store and buy it, while you both pretend you’ve never seen the other person in your entire life?

Yeah, me neither.

I’ve come close, though.  It’s probably only the embarrassment factor holding me back.

Online operations 

With online shopping, you’re probably even more likely to realize a price drop because a) it’s easier to go back to that website, or b) you get a lovely email notifying you of the additional sale.

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, asos.com does not offer price adjustments.  This means I am very miffed that the Oasis blouse I ordered very recently for £28 (£35, less my 20% discount) is now down to £21.  I’m especially miffed because by “very recently” I mean “yesterday”, and I haven’t even received the top yet!

(CG: Yes, I couldn’t resist checking and now I know it happened to me too!!! =S)

Good thing the $A is so strong.

Why American women don’t plan covert operations

I loved my visit to New York last year.  I tell everyone that this is possibly my favorite city in the world (so far).  One of the things I loved most was the discovery that some of the bigger stores have this amazing thing called a ‘price adjustments’ policy!  (Of course, I also love other parts of the city too.)

So instead of doing the ol’ return-and-repurchase, if something you’ve recently bought is now on sale, you can simply ask them to refund you the difference.  Some of the US-based websites will give you a price adjustment for online sales too.   Amazing!

Therefore, what I’m doing tonight can be explained by simple maths, really:

Anthropologie price adjustment policy  +  current exchange rate of A$1:US$1.10563  = Me looking at this dress


8 thoughts on “Oh no, I ordered something yesterday and today it’s on sale!

  1. I know the feeling! It drives me nuts – not necessarily the $ involved but the principle!

    I’ve done the return and repurchase before – but only if I am certain that the item is still available at the store.

  2. This happened to Wai Dee when she was in Japan,

    very soon after she bought a Dior bag…it was on sale(about AUD200-300 cheaper) , but after much persuasion, she manage to get the sales person to do an ‘adjustment’ by refund and repurchase

    and by that stage, she had already claimed her Japanese tax back…which was GREAT, because even though she’d already claimed that tax back, the store assistant had no idea and still refunded her the full retail price of the bag …so Wai Dee actually ‘earned’ tax money in the process…

  3. In the past I have repurchased first and then gone back a few days later to return the original :/
    One time in DJs I asked for a ‘price adjustment’ (item bought 2 days before, unworn and tags still attached) and the SA refused so I just returned the item to make a point 😀
    It seems odd to me that a store has a relaxed returns policy but refuses to do price adjustments.

    • So that’s how you get around the embarrassment factor! Actually, I’ve done the buy first and return later too, but I always worry that they might not let me return the first one of them, and then I’ll be stuck with two of the same thing! =/

  4. I was reading on La Garconne and found out that they give you the price difference if you notice that with something you’ve recently purchased from them – I think it’s pretty great if you’re able to take advantage!

  5. Yep so I didn’t ask for a price adjustment but as they had to replace it because it was faulty, I asked asos if they would be refunding the difference in price between the date I originally purchased the item and the date it was being replaced and they still said no. Similarly, when I placed an order for the other replacements and asked them to adjust the price to what I originally paid (as I had a 20% code at that time) they said no again so I don’t think price adjustment policies are on their horizon anytime soon…

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