Anthropologie: I study shoes all the time

About two hours ago, I started off this post by talking about how I really want these gorgeous shoes from  Aren’t they pretty?  I’ve always wanted a pair like these.  (Spoiler: I’ve ordered them!)

Anthropologie is one of those sites I regularly peruse but rarely buy from because shipping (a flat-rate of $50) can be a bit expensive unless you’re buying everything and the kitchen sink…

Actually — tangent! — there is a homewares section and although I didn’t see a kitchen sink (never let it be said that I don’t try to rationalize high shipping costs with real data), I was tempted by this Couture Apron.

I could totally see myself wearing this while I have friends over and am pretending to cook.  This is obviously what this apron was intended for, as it would be silly to wear such a pretty apron while, you know, doing actual cooking activities… which I don’t do anyway.

Anyway, the whole point of this was to mention that shipping to Australia is currently down to $25 until 30 September.

I felt so good about that saving I ended up also buying a skirt.  And two scarves.

But I did hold back on the apron.

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