First purchase outside of Australia!

Edited: Whoops, obviously I was too excited this morning as there are so many typos in this post! I meant to say it was a 3 month ban, not 3 week, and I felt every long moment of it. And I acquired 5 pairs of shoes, not shows (although I did end up watching a lot of new tv shows to distract myself from shopping).

March 17 will from today forward be a very important date for me (and not because I want to drink beer). Today is the day that my 3 month (mostly successful) self-imposed shopping ban was lifted!

Those of you who know me will have heard that I committed to stop shopping** until I go on my US trip. There was some… fine tuning of the rules along the way. I managed to acquire an extra 5 pairs of shoes (within the rules of the shopping ban). And today? I was acquired another:


Yes, it is only 1:30pm. And yes, my flight doesn’t leave for another 15 minutes (typing this on the plane). But for all you tax nerds out there? You know that buying a pair of Oroton booties outside the Customs gate at 50% off duty free prices totally counts as a first purchase outside of Australia.

Shoe tally = 1.


10 thoughts on “First purchase outside of Australia!

    • Haha, yeah actually made those 3 months of sufferance sound so trivial! And yes, the booties will be showing up on your desk sometime soon – they definitely weren’t going to take up precious baggage space!

    • Thanks – when I said I planned to fall off the (shopping ban) wagon as soon as March 17 came around, I meant it! Hope you guys have a good dinner – eat my share of soft shell crab!

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