The Sights of LA (and Floral Pumps)

Day 2 in LA was… eventful. Scary at times, especially when I forgot that people drive on the right side of the road here! (And the passengers in my car can definitely testify to that… Whoops!) The slight heart attack and terrible 11 point turn which required assistance by a friendly dude standing by his van was worth it though, since that little drive up Mulholland Drive got us a nice view of the Hollywood sign.


We even drove out to Universal Studios and did the tour of the studio lot.


Sightseeing: Check.

Trip to Hollywood

Some of my friends make fun of me for being a huge George Clooney fan — and I am, but for the record, I’m not as big of a fan as they make me out to be… And, no, I don’t have a giant poster of him from The Ides of March in the back of my closet!

But every overseas trip I’ve taken in the last 2 years has involved George in some way, so I knew I had to continue the tradition. This time I found his handprints and footprints in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.


George Clooney quota? Check.

And most importantly…

And what’s a day on this shopping trip without another purchase? My new favourite shoes:


Shoe tally = 2


8 thoughts on “The Sights of LA (and Floral Pumps)

  1. So I’m a guy, but can I say that those floral pumps look awesome. I attribute my awesome taste to Kitty’s design flair.

    If you were still here, I bet Nick would definitely try them on when you weren’t looking.

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