Snoozes in Sydney (and Toronto too)

Fast forward 2 and 1/2 weeks. New York and Las Vegas went by in a blur of activities and food and shops and clothesandshoesandbags and feetohsotired (hold that thought, I need time to describe that whole part of the trip in much more detail).

And, oh, there was a pitstop in Toronto as well but I found that to be a total snooze — literally. I spent the whole afternoon taking a long nap at the hotel. Someone has since told me that Toronto is an underground city, and I sincerely hope that is true because I did not see anything there other than the CN tower, a nauseating couple that called their two daughters “Sweetie 1” and “Sweetie 2”, and a Japanese restaurant called Nami that had sushi pizza.


The rice base is fried. It was an interesting dish. And a very good afternoon nap.

But NYC! Oh, I’ve been back in Sydney for almost a full week now, and I’ve already had that “still on holiday” dream.

You know the type — everyone has them. It usually happens around the time that the post-holiday glow fades and post-holiday blues sets in.

In my dream I was back in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, oh, there’s nothing you can’t buy…



I can’t remember what I was doing but it had something to do with looking for food (potentially Ippudo Ramen, which is the 2nd best ramen I’ve ever had in my entire life, and which I’m sure will have its own full-featured dream one of these days).

What I do distinctly remember though is thinking: hmm, I wonder if I told work that I was off again. Because in my dream I had come back for 2 days, and then (as planned) took another 14 + 6 hour flight back to New York. Yeah, even in my dream it sounded weird, but, you know, I went with it.

And then I woke up to this:


Ok, not really.

For one, I don’t live in the rainforest. If I did, something within me would DIE (context: here).

Second, I actually woke up to a very sunny day, but that day is gone and today is pouring. Luckily, I managed to completely rainproof myself with Hunter rainboots, a low maintenance Le Pilage bag and an enormous golf umbrella as provided by the esteemed place of my ex-employment.

And third, this has gotten way off-topic and I’m almost at my bus stop, so signing off!


2 thoughts on “Snoozes in Sydney (and Toronto too)

    • Hi Leila! Glad you like reading about my trip – I’m sure there will be another to write about soon! đŸ˜‰ And the pizza was actually ok (but I definitely prefer my pizza more… tomato-ey and cheesy and… you know, Italian.)

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