A Surefire Way to Cure Boredom

Today I woke up, and from the get-go I was just so bored. After 3 weeks overseas where every spare second was spent, well, spending, it’s weird to have whole days of doing nothing.

I already did that yesterday, and all I got accomplished was the realisation that, huh, at some point in the last couple of months I bought a bottle of Essie ‘A List’. (This may sound like nothing, but I almost bought another bottle in the US, so it was actually kinda major.)


So, today, I went to the shooting range.


Yeah, ok, I just went for a Sunday stroll at the shops, but I’m pretty sure that if I had gone to the shooting range, I would have approached it the same way.

I was armed (with multiple gift cards and credit cards, ready to do some serious damage).

I had enhanced eyesight and unobstructed peripheral vision (by recently updating the prescription on my contact lenses, and I was not wearing sunglasses).

I stopped for extra ammunition (by signing up for an extra credit card at David Jones – don’t ask).

I was on a mission and would take no prisoners!

Alas, it was not to be. I didn’t manage to hit any targets, and only grazed 12 innocent bystanders who cost a measly $2.80 each.  (This was at Daiso, the Australian translation of the Japanese 100 yen store, which exchanges to A$2.80.)

I was so upset from my failure that I rushed straight home and tried to look on ASOS but it’d been so long and my hands were shaking and I could not remember the password to my account!**

Is this the first symptom of post traumatic shopping disorder??

Luckily, I managed to push through all that and buy 2 winter coats, 2 blouses and a pair of polka dot earmuffs.

Phew. That was really close.

** My ASOS account is telling me that the last time I made an order was 31 December 2011, the day before my shopping ban kicked in.  I am taking this as official proof that the ban was a success, but will not be repeated due to dangerous side effects.


One thought on “A Surefire Way to Cure Boredom

  1. There are times when we’re shopping together I feel this special vibe from you that tells me you’re hunting. I felt like we were living ‘The Hunger Games’ in the concrete jungle….

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