Mind over Matter: A True Story

The other day, I admitted to Mallhaciel that I have problem, a problem called shopping, and therefore I am on step 1 of the road to recovery. Except that I was 100% sure I could control my problem (even if something was 75% off, because my decision in those circumstances would be, the epitome of control and rationality, to buy!right!now! and think about it later while knowing your constitutional shopping rights i.e. the returns policy)… so essentially I was fully recovered.

What can I say, I’ve always been an overachiever.

Today, however, I read that step 1 of the twelve steps is actually admitting that we are powerless over the addiction to alcohol, so I’m not even on step one, because I do have power over my shopping — and my alcohol — so in fact I don’t have a problem at all!

I think this calls for a celebration.  And to demonstrate my superb control and forward thinking, I am not even going to buy anything (new) to celebrate.

Instead, I am going to call this vintage Chanel small classic flap which I purchased last week that celebration. I heart it like there’s no tomorrow!

(…I also have the “celebration” ready for another 3 events.)


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