Messages to my sleeping self

For about 8 weeks I had myself half-convinced that maybe — just maybe — I was subconsciously having premonitions. Yes, I thought my dreams were telling me something.

Here’s how it started:

Before I go to work each morning, I walk past this tiny corner coffee shop near the train station, which opened up a few months back. But being a bit of a snob, I never gave it much thought because I just could not believe that it’d have good coffee, given its proximity to a local railway station.

But then I had this dream where I was searching for Sydney’s best coffee, and some random good looking stranger in my dream (it might have been Matt Bomer) told me that there was a little gem, hole-in-the-wall place he had discovered. And yes, you guessed it — it was that tiny corner coffee shop.

Ever since that dream, I’ve always wondered whether the coffee there is any good. After all, I was judging it by its location, but you know what else is from that area? Me! So maybe it was the best coffee ever, and maybe my subconscious was telling me so.

After weeks of thinking this, the other day I finally bit the bullet and ordered a coffee.

Sadly, I was very disappointed to discover that the coffee was bitter, watery and just generally bad (I got a free sugar palmier which was pretty good though).

So I guess I learned a few things from this little adventure:

  1. Do not trust strangers, even if they are a figment of my imagination, no matter how good looking.
  2. My dreams are not premonitions, so sadly I can’t recommend the coffee to others and say, “where did I hear about this? Oh I dreamt about it…”
  3. Essie’s Bangle Jangle is a gorgeous nail polish color, but its cool tones kind of wash me out, so I should stick to using it in gradients, and start hunting for its warmer sister.

There are not enough words in the English language to express my devastation.


4 thoughts on “Messages to my sleeping self

  1. The polish is super pretty πŸ™‚ Aw I was ready for an inspirational story of the little coffee shop that could, and then I was like nooooo gross coffee 😦

  2. I’m glad it wasn’t all for nothing. At least you learnt a few things about yourself.

    Anyway I love the blue at the end of the cup. And I think you’re more suited to warmer colours.

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