Bag Crushes, Oh My!

I’m a “small bag” person.  Given the choice between a carry-all which fits the largest make up bag in the world, and a miniature version of the carry-all, I’d pick the miniature version any day.

Of course, small bags mean that you’ve got a choice of either bringing your wallet, keys and phone or an umbrella, so a good weather app is absolutely essential.  I use something called Weather+ (currently on sale for 99c), and it’s been known to predict rain to the hour.

Unfortunately, even my trusty weather app failed me this evening, and I found myself doing a mad dash through the rain and to the car with A Small Bag and No Umbrella.

Once I got home and dried off my bag, my shoes and then myself, I vowed to turn a new leaf and to choose that more practical carry all that can fit my wallet, keys, phone and umbrella.  Maybe a bottle of water and a book.  Perhaps even a change of clothes and some toiletries.  Who knows what people normally bring in those big bags, I suppose the possibilities are endless.

After a short search, this Jil Sander Sporty Madame leather tote seemed to fit the bill.  I do like the frame bag style, and the size is very… er, practical.

@ Net-A-Porter for £1,140.56 / Saks for US$1,590

But then!! I saw these ridiculously cute miniature version of the Chloe Marcie and Paraty bags!  How can an inanimate object be so cute?!

Saks Fifth Avenue for US$1,195

Saks Fifth Avenue for US$1,395

And so the leaf flipped again.  Ah well, the heart wants what the heart wants, I suppose.

4 thoughts on “Bag Crushes, Oh My!

    • I already have the “small” version of the third bag! Unfortunately even I think it’s too much to get the small and the mini…… unless the next winning lottery ticket is mine, in which case one of each size and each color please!

  1. ummmmm if i had $1000 i would not be spending it on a bag! lol call me thrifty but there are way cheaper and cuter bags out there!
    personally i like a “medium” bag.. small bags cant fit my water bottle & umbrella but medium bags can! cross body is a must too, cos your hands need to be free!

    big bags tend to accumulate alot of random stuff so steer clear!

    • I used to spend $100 max on a bag as well, but I’ve picked up the bad habit of buying more expensive bags and it’s hard habit to kick! As for medium bags… I think I have a few of those as well but they’re referred to as my “big bags” 😉

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