Kate Spade: Spring 2013 RTW

Popping with color? Check.  A healthy amount of polka dots? Check.  Bow prints and other irresistibly cute retro throwbacks? Check.

Kate Spade’s Spring 2013 RTW line probably isn’t for everyone, but I’m finding all of this so much cuter than any animal photo you could send my way (no, this is not a challenge).

Here are some of my favorite looks…  with quite of a few of these going onto the shopping list!

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The Woes of Credit Cards (while in San Francisco)

Before I left for my trip, I joked that I was only bringing $200 in cash and 3 credit cards. I ended up bringing 2 credit cards (packing light, you see), with heavy reliance on my 28 Degrees card. Which is why I was so distraught when, while trying to buy a Chloe Aurore satchel, that card was declined.

The pretty culprit:


Me: What?? We haven’t even reached the shopping destinations yet!!

(As part of the trip research, it was decided that LA and SF would not involve designated shopping time because the sales tax is relatively high. It was also inwardly agreed that shopping would occur everywhere despite this official plan.)

Apparently, my card had been sent to fraud protection because they had picked up a suspicious pattern of spending. (There was no actual fraud, I’d just bought a pair of Ferragamo flats about 20 mins earlier.)


So that’s how I spent about half an hour standing inside the Bloomingdales in Westfield, being transferred from one MasterCard representative to another, until I was told that my card would be cleared in 3 hours. For the record, I still think they just needed to press a button.

Unfortunately, when I tried to buy the bag again 3 hours later, it was still declined. Apparently the person who needed to press the button was “on lunch break” so the delay was taking longer than usual. I took this as a sign that I shouldn’t buy the bag, especially since it was seasonal and might go on sale, or at least to sleep on it until NYC (where there is 6 in stock) or on the Harrods website (where I’m sure it would be cheaper).

So I bought these Marc by Marc Jacobs rose gold heels instead, before quickly heading back to the hotel and stuffing it into my luggage and heading to the airport. You can’t see the heel, but they’re almost a cylinder or tear drop block heel.


Shoe tally = 4

Also bought some clothes and accessories, my favourite of which is this jacket and bangle:



All in all, I give San Francisco a 7 out of 10 for shopping. Their sales tax may be relatively high, but their Bloomies applies the 10% visitors discount to Ferragamo shoes.


As for the sightseeing, I also visited the Palace of Fine Arts, Golden Gate Bridge (from a distance, at various distances), Lombard St, Alcatraz, made the long walk up to Coit Tower, and ate lots of food including this shrimp/prawn in amazing Worcester sauce at Town Hall, which is an American restaurant with southern influences…. Yum. Also ate what seemed like a family bucket in fried chicken.

Here is the proof:





This is the hill we climbed to get to the base of the Coit Tower (where we were met with… the stairs).



Next stop: Boston

Coming soon

So, I’ve been getting a lot of comments about how I haven’t posted on this blog in a long time… and I have to admit — it’s true! Sob! — it’s been about 10 days since I last shopped (for non-necessities).*

I was in mourning for the falling dollar, you see.  I even wore a lot of black, but looking at nice black dresses online just made me even more depressed.

I had hit A Low of Shopping.

True story.

But since the $A is again above parity against the US$, I am back with a vengeance!  Every $0.001 increase I witnessed on xe.com last night made the path forward ever more clear: it is time for the Big Box of November 2011!

If you know me in real life, chances are I’ve told you about (or shown you photos of) the Big Box of January 2011, in which I received about A$998.50 worth of goodies bought solely from online stores that only ship within the US.  If not, well, rest assured, the Big Box of November 2011 will be well chronicled.

Sadly, this LV necklace won’t be in the box, but I’m now off to hunt for a similar peter pan collar necklace.

* Comment accurate as of approximately 5 days ago.

Loot of the day: Marc by Marc Jacobs watch

For the past week or so, I’ve been telling people that I have a shopping blog that is yet to go live.  What does that mean?  It means I’ve been umm-ing and ahh-ing over what my first post will be about: online shopping and mail forwarding dramas? the perils of shopping the old fashioned way, in person? what to buy at David Jones with my gift cards before they expire, even though I cannot help but think everything here is so expensive compared to overseas?  In the end, the answer presented itself to me in a box.  Ok, fine, it was actually 3 boxes.

The mailman said:  Sis, ever since you came back from Europe, you’ve had non-stop orders!  (Note: the ‘mailman’ is actually my brother, who is a self-employed non-mailman, so there is no one to judge him for the endless personal packages he receives on my behalf… other than the real mailman, of course.)

Me:  Heh.

Amy Bracelet w/Glitz, Rose Gold, Marc by Marc Jacobs

I hadn’t worn a watch in the near 10 years before 2009, at which point I decided to treat myself to one as a Christmas present.  It didn’t have many number markers so I could barely tell the time, and for the most part it was more of a watch-style bracelet than a bracelet-style watch, but it was too late — a watch fixation had been born!  (Actually, the word ‘fixation’ may be too strong because, thinking back, I only bought 1 watch in 2010, so it’s all quite reasonable really….. huh.)

This year, I’ve been searching for a sports watch with a large face/band, except everything looked ridiculously oversized on my wrist.  The problem was I kept choosing watches which were way too masculine — it looked like I just bought it overseas for someone else and was just wearing for safekeeping on the plane home…  Or something.  The solution?


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