How to save $2,500 in 3 hours or less

(Or how to spend $375 in the same amount of time. It’s all about perspective, really.)

Not too long ago, I was lamenting about how I was so uninspired about shopping. My only purchase during the post-Christmas sales was a plastic container for storing muffins. And maybe some hair ties. And get this —

They weren’t even on sale.

Well, one absolutely amazing sample sale later, and I am happy to report that I have made significant progress. Enormous strides… leaps, even!

It happened about 2 weeks ago, and on that sunny Thursday afternoon, I bought (wait for it………):

  • 7 Jigsaw/David Lawrence dresses @ $40 each, usually between $279 and $399 RRP
  • 3 Jigsaw skirts @ $25 each, usually between $179 and $199 RRP
  • 1 David Lawrence blouse @ $20 each, usually $149 RRP

The sale was held by Webster Holdings around their HQ in Waterloo, so Marcs samples were also available but I didn’t manage to pick any up.  No insider info about when the next sale is on, I’m afraid…

Also unfortunately, as with all sample sales there can be casualties. In this case, a parking ticket (not mine, but hopefully the cops will forget to process it!) and some missing fabric.

Can you spot which of the items I bought has a chunk of material missing?

Jigsaw floral watercolor dress

Jigsaw floral pleated dress

Jigsaw Purple textured floral skirt

Jigsaw blue tiger print dress

David Lawrence white silk shirt with black trim

Jigsaw Purple spot dress

Jigsaw ethnic print dress

Jigsaw Renaissance floral dress

Jigsaw Orange white crosshatch full skirt

David Lawrence Kelly green bow front dress

Jigsaw oriental print full skirt

(Answer: It’s this one.)


Essie Mini Color Cubes

Loot of the day: Essie Mini Color Cubes from the Cosmetic Fragrance Direct store at Birkenhead Point, for only $5 a set!  These are normally $25 RRP – what a bargain!!!

I picked up both collections:

  • Resort Collection: Fair Game, Your Hut or Mine, Lion Around and Da Bush
  • Summer Collection: Braziliant, Smooth Sailing, Super Bossa Nova, Meet Me At Sunset

A Surefire Way to Cure Boredom

Today I woke up, and from the get-go I was just so bored. After 3 weeks overseas where every spare second was spent, well, spending, it’s weird to have whole days of doing nothing.

I already did that yesterday, and all I got accomplished was the realisation that, huh, at some point in the last couple of months I bought a bottle of Essie ‘A List’. (This may sound like nothing, but I almost bought another bottle in the US, so it was actually kinda major.)


So, today, I went to the shooting range.


Yeah, ok, I just went for a Sunday stroll at the shops, but I’m pretty sure that if I had gone to the shooting range, I would have approached it the same way.

I was armed (with multiple gift cards and credit cards, ready to do some serious damage).

I had enhanced eyesight and unobstructed peripheral vision (by recently updating the prescription on my contact lenses, and I was not wearing sunglasses).

I stopped for extra ammunition (by signing up for an extra credit card at David Jones – don’t ask).

I was on a mission and would take no prisoners!

Alas, it was not to be. I didn’t manage to hit any targets, and only grazed 12 innocent bystanders who cost a measly $2.80 each.  (This was at Daiso, the Australian translation of the Japanese 100 yen store, which exchanges to A$2.80.)

I was so upset from my failure that I rushed straight home and tried to look on ASOS but it’d been so long and my hands were shaking and I could not remember the password to my account!**

Is this the first symptom of post traumatic shopping disorder??

Luckily, I managed to push through all that and buy 2 winter coats, 2 blouses and a pair of polka dot earmuffs.

Phew. That was really close.

** My ASOS account is telling me that the last time I made an order was 31 December 2011, the day before my shopping ban kicked in.  I am taking this as official proof that the ban was a success, but will not be repeated due to dangerous side effects.

First purchase outside of Australia!

Edited: Whoops, obviously I was too excited this morning as there are so many typos in this post! I meant to say it was a 3 month ban, not 3 week, and I felt every long moment of it. And I acquired 5 pairs of shoes, not shows (although I did end up watching a lot of new tv shows to distract myself from shopping).

March 17 will from today forward be a very important date for me (and not because I want to drink beer). Today is the day that my 3 month (mostly successful) self-imposed shopping ban was lifted!

Those of you who know me will have heard that I committed to stop shopping** until I go on my US trip. There was some… fine tuning of the rules along the way. I managed to acquire an extra 5 pairs of shoes (within the rules of the shopping ban). And today? I was acquired another:


Yes, it is only 1:30pm. And yes, my flight doesn’t leave for another 15 minutes (typing this on the plane). But for all you tax nerds out there? You know that buying a pair of Oroton booties outside the Customs gate at 50% off duty free prices totally counts as a first purchase outside of Australia.

Shoe tally = 1.

Cedel Dry Shampoo

I’m too upset about the exchange rate to do any real shopping (or to continue reminiscing about my experiences with 28 Degrees).  In the meantime, I’ve picked up a can of Cedel Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair (on sale for a non-fluctuating A$6.39 at Priceline — yes, in the physical store).

I’ve used the original version, which like most dry shampoos is this white powder you spray onto your scalp to absorb oil or to “wash” without water.  On dark hair, sometimes it just looks like you’ve sprayed white powder in your hair (oily or not).

Here’s hoping this version (which is a brown powder) will result in something like this:

Nail polish!

One of my favourite ‘wind down’ activities is to watch TV, but you know, sometimes TV shows are so ridiculous! I can’t believe that Chuck and Blair just blah blah blah’d again! And Alicia Florrick, how can you be so smart but raise such annoying kids?  So, to help with the whole suspension of disbelief or irritation, I paint my nails.  It’s become a slightly expensive way to watch TV, so I’m often on the hunt for cheaper places to buy my go-to nail polish brands, Essie and OPI, which retail for around $20 a bottle.

Box no. 2: Essie nail polish from

You may remember that on the same day that I received my new Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, I also received two other boxes.  One of those boxes contained:

From left to right, the bottles are:  Coat Azure, Fair Game, Sew Psyched, Merino Cool, A List, Angora Cardi, In Stitches, Flawless, Demure Vixen.

So far I’ve only tried tried Angora Cardi (this photo was taken when the polish was about 5 days old, so please excuse the chips!) and Merino Cool (which is actually more purple-grey in real life).


The order from costed US$4 a bottle (but for some reason you have to create an account and log in to see these prices), plus US$20 flat rate shipping for the 9 bottles.  They also sell OPI for $6.80.  The other took forever to arrive, but it was well packed and arrived undamaged.

Essie, OPI and Seche Vite from ProNail Supply

The other place I get my nail polish is ProNail Supply in Bankstown, where I always spend at least 1 hour and $60, without fail… but since it’s in person at least there aren’t any postage fees!

Last time I was there, OPI was $12 a bottle, Seche Vitre top coat was $8 and Essie was $6 a bottle, but the lady said I could have the Essie for $5 each because I had great nails!!  (Yes, while there could be many ulterior motives to that compliment, I’m just going to take it at face value.)

ProNail Supply
9 Greenfield Pde
Bankstown NSW 2200
Tel: (02)-9709-2300