How to Combat Helmet Hair

a.k.a. Garden Party Appropriate Hairstyles

I’ve already established that I cannot ride a bike to save my life (and you know what? I’m really not ashamed of it!), so I don’t have major issues with helmet hair.

Not surprisingly, most of the pretty photos of fashionable girls on or posing next to bicycles don’t feature a helmet either, as it really doesn’t have the same effect.

I do, however, appreciate that Refinery29 has tutorials for 5 helmet-friendly hairdos.

I may try out this one next time I… go to a garden tea party.


The Bicycle: A Perfect Fashion Accessory!

This photo of the frequently snapped Olivia Palermo was taken in October 2010 by The Sartorialist, and there were musings that perhaps this photo was staged. Because in those shoes, really??

The Sartorialist: On the Street…Olivia, London

But seeing as I myself would probably just pose next to the bike, I don’t really see an issue here.  However, I would probably find a more secure place to put my Birkin (the “my” is used loosely here, as I don’t currently… you know, own one).  I’m no expert, but isn’t that spot prime for grease stains and other biking-related black marks?