How to save $2,500 in 3 hours or less

(Or how to spend $375 in the same amount of time. It’s all about perspective, really.)

Not too long ago, I was lamenting about how I was so uninspired about shopping. My only purchase during the post-Christmas sales was a plastic container for storing muffins. And maybe some hair ties. And get this —

They weren’t even on sale.

Well, one absolutely amazing sample sale later, and I am happy to report that I have made significant progress. Enormous strides… leaps, even!

It happened about 2 weeks ago, and on that sunny Thursday afternoon, I bought (wait for it………):

  • 7 Jigsaw/David Lawrence dresses @ $40 each, usually between $279 and $399 RRP
  • 3 Jigsaw skirts @ $25 each, usually between $179 and $199 RRP
  • 1 David Lawrence blouse @ $20 each, usually $149 RRP

The sale was held by Webster Holdings around their HQ in Waterloo, so Marcs samples were also available but I didn’t manage to pick any up.  No insider info about when the next sale is on, I’m afraid…

Also unfortunately, as with all sample sales there can be casualties. In this case, a parking ticket (not mine, but hopefully the cops will forget to process it!) and some missing fabric.

Can you spot which of the items I bought has a chunk of material missing?

Jigsaw floral watercolor dress

Jigsaw floral pleated dress

Jigsaw Purple textured floral skirt

Jigsaw blue tiger print dress

David Lawrence white silk shirt with black trim

Jigsaw Purple spot dress

Jigsaw ethnic print dress

Jigsaw Renaissance floral dress

Jigsaw Orange white crosshatch full skirt

David Lawrence Kelly green bow front dress

Jigsaw oriental print full skirt

(Answer: It’s this one.)


Cyber Monday Sales 2012

I’ve been lamenting to anyone who will listen that I’m rather underwhelmed by this year’s Black Friday sales. Le sigh and le big sad face. After an exciting order of two bags from Shopbop last Wednesday, I’ve been in a state of indecision and nothing’s really inspired me to click that “submit order” button. Main issue? The deals just weren’t quite at the level that I remembered from last year.

Luckily, Cyber Monday is here!  And I’m happy to report that stores are giving something just a little extra than they did at the Black Friday sales (but some just changed their codes).

Most of these are one day offers and only valid with US shipping:


  • Origins – $10 off orders of $25 plus free shipping with code TENOFF
  • J. Crew – still 25% off everything with the code MONDAY
  • J. Crew Factory – was 40% off everything, now 50% off everything with the code YOURGIFT
  • Loft – was 40% off everything (then 40% off selected items only), now 50% off everything with the code TODAYONLY
  • Ann Taylor – was 40% everything… still 40% off everything with the code MONDAY
  • Banana Republic, GAP, Old Navy – was 25% off storewide, now 30% off storewide with the code CYBER
  • Piperlime – still 20% off with the code CYBER
  • Urban Outfitters – $15 off $75 with the code SUPERCYBER

No code necessary:

My favorite of the bunch is this Kate Spade tote (was $425, now $199).  The only way this could be better if it was half the size!

A good friend also alerted me to a Chloe Marcie bag – small in nubuck leather which is newly marked down from $1,895 to $1,136 on Nordstrom… tempting, but I’m still holding out for the mini version!

Net-A-Porter (US Site): Sale on Now!

Technically I could’ve updated yesterday’s post, but this kind of needed a post of its own.

So normally I get Net-A-Porter sales notifications a bit late.  Maybe a few hours after it starts, sometimes a whole day.  And if you’re familiar with the world of online sales frenzy, a few hours is like a lifetime (half joking, maybe).

This time around, I was prepared.  I created a wishlist. I lurked. I checked my wish list throughout the day, and it paid off because before any emails or even before it was announced on the homepage, I discovered that some of my wish list items had been marked down!!!!!! I felt like I had beat the system!!

…except I couldn’t find anything to buy.  I considered this Mulberry Small Bayswater which is down to $945 (reduced by 30%).

I ooh’ed over this small Chloe Paraty.  It’s 40% down to $1077 (and I preened because I bought it in black last year at around the same price).

I aaah’ed over these Mulberry patent heels, reduced by 40% to $300.

At this point I realised I was probably just attracted to the colour orange and should not make any sudden purchasing decisions.  Another site in the “to be revisited” list.

P.S. Shipping to Australia is $55 from the US site.

Essie Mini Color Cubes

Loot of the day: Essie Mini Color Cubes from the Cosmetic Fragrance Direct store at Birkenhead Point, for only $5 a set!  These are normally $25 RRP – what a bargain!!!

I picked up both collections:

  • Resort Collection: Fair Game, Your Hut or Mine, Lion Around and Da Bush
  • Summer Collection: Braziliant, Smooth Sailing, Super Bossa Nova, Meet Me At Sunset

Net-a-Porter Sale (US site)

The much awaited sale started today, and I had to hold off posting about it because I was in the middle of deciding whether or not to buy these Chloe two-tone leather pumps which are currently 50% off:

I love the minimalist look of these heels, and I’ve tried them on in store so I know they’re super comfortable as well. For the time being, I’ve tentatively decided against buying them, but who knows what will happen in the next few hours… or half hour… or 10 minutes….

P.S. If you can’t see the sale, you’re probably on the UK website.  Click the country in the top left-hand corner to select the US site by choosing United States as the location.

Anthropologie: I study shoes all the time

About two hours ago, I started off this post by talking about how I really want these gorgeous shoes from  Aren’t they pretty?  I’ve always wanted a pair like these.  (Spoiler: I’ve ordered them!)

Anthropologie is one of those sites I regularly peruse but rarely buy from because shipping (a flat-rate of $50) can be a bit expensive unless you’re buying everything and the kitchen sink…

Actually — tangent! — there is a homewares section and although I didn’t see a kitchen sink (never let it be said that I don’t try to rationalize high shipping costs with real data), I was tempted by this Couture Apron.

I could totally see myself wearing this while I have friends over and am pretending to cook.  This is obviously what this apron was intended for, as it would be silly to wear such a pretty apron while, you know, doing actual cooking activities… which I don’t do anyway.

Anyway, the whole point of this was to mention that shipping to Australia is currently down to $25 until 30 September.

I felt so good about that saving I ended up also buying a skirt.  And two scarves.

But I did hold back on the apron.

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Oh no, I ordered something yesterday and today it’s on sale!

Have you ever found yourself in one of those situations where you’ve bought a gorgeous pair of shoes/bag/clothes which you love!love!love!, and then the next day you go back to the store and it’s — gasp, oh no, what to donow on sale?

And then you have to recruit a friend for a covert operation which involves returning the shoes/bag/clothes, having your friend just coincidentally wander into the store and buy it, while you both pretend you’ve never seen the other person in your entire life?

Yeah, me neither.

I’ve come close, though.  It’s probably only the embarrassment factor holding me back.

Online operations 

With online shopping, you’re probably even more likely to realize a price drop because a) it’s easier to go back to that website, or b) you get a lovely email notifying you of the additional sale.

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, does not offer price adjustments.  This means I am very miffed that the Oasis blouse I ordered very recently for £28 (£35, less my 20% discount) is now down to £21.  I’m especially miffed because by “very recently” I mean “yesterday”, and I haven’t even received the top yet!

(CG: Yes, I couldn’t resist checking and now I know it happened to me too!!! =S)

Good thing the $A is so strong.

Why American women don’t plan covert operations

I loved my visit to New York last year.  I tell everyone that this is possibly my favorite city in the world (so far).  One of the things I loved most was the discovery that some of the bigger stores have this amazing thing called a ‘price adjustments’ policy!  (Of course, I also love other parts of the city too.)

So instead of doing the ol’ return-and-repurchase, if something you’ve recently bought is now on sale, you can simply ask them to refund you the difference.  Some of the US-based websites will give you a price adjustment for online sales too.   Amazing!

Therefore, what I’m doing tonight can be explained by simple maths, really:

Anthropologie price adjustment policy  +  current exchange rate of A$1:US$1.10563  = Me looking at this dress